COVID-19 BD Social Service Policy Update


41/1/C, Senpara, Mirpur, Dhaka


+880 1717 809871

The WEP builds on the social empowerment process that seeks to adopt an integrated approach in their family and community & to strengthen all the key dimensions of widows’ empowerment – social, economic and peaceful life.  BSS dreams to achieve a secured and enhanced income for them so that they can contribute to their family and community. They are also grateful to BSS for their every betterment.  The widow empowerment project is working in a short range but bears a great value for humanity. Not only that it also covering SDG 2: Zero hunger, SDG 6: Improve clean Water and Sanitation, SDG 8: Create Decent Work and Economic Growth SDG 10: Reduce Inequality SDG 13: Organize Climate Action, SDG 16: Peace, Justice and strong institutions.