COVID-19 BD Social Service Policy Update


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Executive Director

Bangladesh Social Service – BSS working in the remotest, most deprived communities of Bangladesh. In order to manage, internalize and control the growth, we had to have a focused vision and an extremely focused code of conduct that every member of the Bangladesh Social Service – BSS family had to adhere. We made sure that the growth achieved during this period was in accordance with Bangladesh Social Service - BSS principles and values.

It is always too easy to take shortcuts and the easy way out, but I am proud to note that we have never compromised on our beliefs. Bangladesh Social Service – BSS has been successful in instituting values pertaining to transparency, accountability, efficiency and especially a passion to serve the poor at all levels of its management. It will keep on moving with demand-driven sustainable progressive programs for social empowerment, Learning transformation, social justices and poverty alleviation. The upcoming challenge of BSS will be mobilizing necessary resources for its various development activities. This was a year of working towards greater social, cultural, gender and age-based equality and dignity from all sectors, aims to combat all social injustice and inequalities particularly women and socially disadvantage people for improving food security and adapt to climate change vulnerability.

Bangladesh Social Service – BSS implements the program activities under the four thematic areas: social empowerment; economic empowerment; quality education for vulnerable communities and child rights. In this year BSS turn into a new dimension and inaugurated training and resource center at Ghoraghat upazila under Dinajpur district. During the reporting period I’ve awarded for BSS from 03 recognize national and international organization. Now BSS going to work for the betterment of the poor and indigenous communities and phased out 02 projects. During reporting period. 

BSS is implementing 08 projects covering 14 Upazilas of 08 districts. BSS contributing to different dimensions of the community development. BSS has received continuous support from the Local Government, the Development Partners and donors and counterpart. Prudent and visionary guidance of the Chairman and the members of Executive & General body have been instrumental in further consolidating the outstanding image of BSS. The relentless and sincere efforts of the highly committed professional staff of BSS made all its activities a reality in the ground in a very efficient manner. With the firm belief in their continuous support in future, I take this opportunity to extend my sincere thanks to all of them.
Please join us so together we can achieve more.
With best regards