Promote Rights of Inclusive Education

Promote Rights of Inclusive Education

With its quality staff and organized academic facilities, The BSS has set valued mark as the ideal education in Dinajpur and Naogaon. The institution remains committed to complement in nation building developing its students' quality education. These institutions are contributing inclusive education in the rural area in northern part of Bangladesh. The students are provided with modern schooling facilities and a wide variety of co-curricular activities to stimulate natural talents.

BSS Mission School (BMS)

BSS Mission School opened a window for the students of disadvantaged indigenous and rural communities to be enlightened with the power of education. This project has made a scope for these marginalized ethnic and remote communities' pupil to provide quality education. It has ushered a new ray of hope for vulnerable children. The number of the school going students among the ethnic & mainstream communities is increasing gradually, but the project is unable to accommodated all the deserving students.

Computer Training Center (CTC)

Honorable Prime Minister has taken initiative for digitalization of Bangladesh. But this initiatives and action yet not reached to the remote area. Other hand BSS also committed to child education including their IT knowledge of our partnered projects. This IT knowledge can help them to get employment and increase their knowledge and experiences. BSS believes that if a child gains computer skills they are well placed for High School and employment beyond school. BSS took initiative for computer learning for primary and junior students with free of cost. The training provided is assessed to ensure the children gain competency skill in computers for each student as essential applications.

Tution Center

BSS is committed to child education and taken initiative to advance their education through tuition project. We believe through tuition education level can positive change in progress result for the students; this result will help student to better success for their future lives. BSS has also observed the educational needs of children from disadvantaged contexts and has initiated a number of tuition class projects. In doing so we acknowledge how essential it is for primary school children to gain competency in literacy and in maths so they can progress to high school and complete their education. If a child does not have literacy or maths skills when they enter high school, it is unlikely they will be able to complete their schooling. Tuition classes, when well taught by great teachers, can lift a child’s school results, preparing them for their future. Subsequently, a good high school education can then help a child find employment and lift them out of a familial cycle of poverty. BSS tuition project are continuing after school care & child minding or classes where students are given workbooks and have to self-learn. The teachers in the tuition class projects are above everything else teachers. By using their teaching skills, they teach and coach students so each student can rise to be their best in each subject. It also said that this tuition services are providing without cost.


The second core value of Bangladesh Social Service (BSS) is Child protection and ensures their rights. LOVE 4 C is a street children project for vulnerable and street children. The main purpose of this project is to give opportunities and to build up them like other children. Targets of this project is to establish the life of street children. In Dhaka we have collected 10 children. Three (03) are collected from code Community who were abused and passing their life risks and trauma. Street children come from uneducated families that do not have decent jobs. Finally their parents only work as scavengers, beggars, buskers, etc. Parents with a low educational background educate their children according to their background and usually children neglected because parents have to make money to survive. The children become unsupervised, dropped-out from school, go to the street to make money and they become often subject to abuse, neglect, exploitation. We have been accompanying children and want to accept them as a human being, appreciate all the struggles of their lives through LOVE 4 C Project also implemented the following activities.