A real story of Puja

I am Puja Tudu reading in class three of Abirer para Saint John Marry Vianny High School. I am Eight (8) years old and living in North part of Abirer para (Mahali Para). Mr. Israel Tudu & Shoroli Hembrom is my loving parents. I am from Indigenous MAHALI family. By traditional profession my parents are involved with bamboo handicrafts at home and our family income is very low. We are three sisters and my elder sister is Eti Tudu. She reads in grade elven (11). My middle sister Is Joty Tudu class seven (7). I did not like to attend school, even study well. I always fight and quarrel with my school friends and family member bears our family & educational expenses with hearty tears but it was valueless to me. One day I visited TCD group with my middle sister. I learn many good subjects from TCD group which I like very much. I regularly attend in TCD group and learned to obey parents and help them in their work. Help to do kitchen garden. Take care of health. Wash face and hands with soap and use sandal at the time of using toilet. Regularly I take bath. Keep clean and cut nails regularly. Now I am going to school regularly. I help my mother to give water in kitchen garden. I did not fight or quarrel with my friends and others. My family were very happy to see my behavior change. Thanks a lot to group teacher for helping me. I change my behavior and I find out a light of life through TCD

In our native places we feel so many problems, hazards and various disasters. These disasters, day by day, causes disadvantages of our communities. But it is a reality that we’ve few solutions. We use local resources to discover the wat of solutions. It is to identify the challenge community people and solve problems through group awareness and learning procedure.
After the group learning approach all the group members practice it to their own family and enjoy benefit and result. It spray out by gossiping with learning sharing one to another. Other villagers and native yet not participating directly group activities but they are enjoying the learning result & impact. These highlighted learning sharing we treat as Transformational Community Development (TCD).

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