Martina meets tranquility through sharing to other widows

Martina is a widow of Indigenous Santal Community lives in Ghoraghat, Dinajpur. Her husband died of leukemia before 08 years ago. There was none to upbringing for Martina and her sons. Several times Martina was anxious for her next crucial life without a husband. She was working to cover food & family expenses maid servant to day labor. After a few years her son became mature and got married. They also separated family from her and Martina became lonelier. She expresses that ‘it was a great darkness for my life and passed my night with silent tears.’

In this crisis moment BSS started a Widow Empowerment project partnership with HOHI. BSS local staff collected her data and included her as a member of the widow group. She participates in every activity with happy concentration such as sharing sorrow and misery with other widows. During the exploring moment of her pathetic issues other widows give consolation to her. She thinks that all we’ve the same crisis and encourage each other. She enjoys the weekly opportunity of nutritious meals as a picnic( a group of widows come to our local center and cook their meal together). Every week responsible staff provides them rice, vegetable, egg, oil as their weekly gift. Through the weekly gift she is overcoming her food crisis. In December BSS distributed blanket for every widow.
BSS also doing various training for widows such as WASH, homestead gardening, pig & goat rearing, beef fattening training for sustainability. They have prepared themself for captioned IGA & micro enterprise activities. It will help them to manage a happy life and establish their permanent food security for future. She said BSS staff and other members are so cordial & social. “The Window program kept me away from darkness. Now I am happy. I want to give thanks to BSS and HOHI.’’

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