Sojib Pahan Promoted 30 to 95 mark out of hundred

Sojib Pahan Promoted 30 to 95 mark out of hundred

Sojib Pahan Promoted 30 to 95 mark out of hundred Sojib born in 2007 at Naogoan district under Nozipur upazila. Sojib’s father died before his born and hadn’t seen his father. His mother went out different home when Sojib was infant. There was none to take care for Sojib. When Sojib was 06 years old BSS staff Ruben admitted him for orphan home & BSS providing welfare services like free lodging, health and recreation, inexhaustible quality education. This centre has available secure place where other orphan children can play and enjoy their childhood.

During the admission time home parent took Sojib in Saint John Merry Vianny mission school for admition. As the rules of institution Sojib participated on admission test and got only 30 mark out of hundred. It was very poor mark but school authority took admission on request & good will of orphan project and Sojib continuing study regular. Sojib Pahan is a diligent boy and continuously complete his study & home task. He also participate in all activities of BSS orphan center. In 1st quarterly examination he stood satisfactory number in all subject and day by day progressing better in study.
Recently he appeared his second quarter examination. His average marks were 95. He loves mathematics. Sojib said, “EVERY SUBJECT OF MY CLASS IS EASY FOR ME.” He want to be a Professor in future and it is possible through his hard study and support of BSS orphan project. We wish his bright future.

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