Widow Empowerment Project (WEP)

Widow Empowerment Project (WEP)

BSS is very much concerned for widow empowerment. Our Widow Empowerment Project is one of the new interventions of BSS. Through the program implementation BSS realizes that in our community the widows are most valueless and vulnerable to the family and community.
Women have a lot of contribution to family, children, taking care of asset. But they are not owner and always away from decision making. Other hand her son gets priority instead of her. Most of the time females only sacrifice for family and community. It is the reality that a woman is always powerless without her husband.

After the death of her husband a widow became more vulnerable. The reality is that in this time widow become neglected by other family member. Most often they suffer from food clothes, shelter but nobody cares them.

BSS took initiative to serve these vulnerable widows. BSS have few branches / area office in 08 districts and continuing its development activities for the communities. BSS have a sector and separate room for them. In every week they meet here and pass their time with recreation. BSS provide them lunch one time in a week and enjoy as a homogeneous fellowship widow for mental refreshment. BSS provides them monthly food like rice, egg, oil, dal etc & occasionally gift. BSS are also doing various training for widows such as WASH, homestead gardening, pig & goat rearing, beef fattening training for sustainability. They have prepared themself for captioned IGA & micro enterprise activities. It will help them to manage a happy life and establish their permanent food security for future

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