Social Welfare and Community Development

In our native places we feel so many problems, hazards and various disasters. These disasters, day by day, causes disadvantages of our communities. But it is a reality that we’ve few solutions. We use local resources to discover the wat of solutions. It is to identify the challenge community people and solve problems through group awareness and learning procedure.
After the group learning approach all the group members practice it to their own family and enjoy benefit and result. It spray out by gossiping with learning sharing one to another. Other villagers and native yet not participating directly group activities but they are enjoying the learning result & impact.


Promote Rights of Inclusive Education

BSS Mission School opened a window for the students of disadvantaged indigenous and rural communities to be enlightened with the power of education. This project has made a scope for these marginalized ethnic and remote communities’ pupil to provide quality education. It has ushered a new ray of hope for vulnerable children. The number of the school going students among the ethnic & mainstream communities is increasing gradually, but the project is unable to accommodated all the deserving students.

Disaster Management

It also said that BSS used the learning of reflection workshop such as assessment on human rights and distributed the relief packages with government security force as guidelines of Rohingya Response Rules. Other side Through the community led beneficiaries selection approach, vulnerable groups like women headed families, physically challenged, elderly person, ethnics, prolonged sick etc. got benefits from these projects. During implementation of the activities, necessary coordination and collaboration were maintained with the affected people and the local govt.


Capacity Building

BSS is very much concerned of thematic issues of the development needed to build the capacities of the staff who are directly affiliated with the beneficiaries. Because their capacity will transform to the beneficiaries through programs, activities, and implementations. In addition, it will contribute to make BSS a professional platform to fulfill the values of partners/ donors’ requirements.

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